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Answers to Your Questions

Who are we ?

Team Spectrum of thoughts is a inhouse publication of FanatiXx. We provide platform to published and unpublished authors/writers to publish their contents, stories and poetries.

What is the benefit of an anthology ?

Anthologies are the one place where different writers can connect on a personal level with other writers. This interaction helps them to grow as a writer as well as helps them to grow their reach among readers and different communities.

What we Do ?

We Publish, design, proofread, arrange and organize books. We are recognized as high quality book publishers who offer best packages to all the writers at very affordable prices.

Why should we pay for an anthology participation ?

Expenses like Cover Creation, Manuscript Editing, Book Formatting, ISBN allocation etc, each of which costs money, thus an entry charge is taken.


I’ve been a part of Spectrum of Thoughts since a long time and I love to work with them. The way they work is great. They complete everything on time. I would prefer them to all.



Let's Work Together!

If you are a writer, compiler or even a community, and wish to work with us.


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