Answers to Your Questions

Who are we ?

Team Spectrum of thoughts is a in-house publication of FanatiXx. We provide platform to published and unpublished authors/writers to publish their contents, stories and poetries.

What is the benefit of an anthology ?

Anthologies are the one place where different writers can connect on a personal level with other writers. This interaction helps them to grow as a writer as well as helps them to grow their reach among readers and different communities.

Why should we pay for an anthology participation ?

Expenses like Cover Creation, Manuscript Editing, Book Formatting, ISBN allocation etc, each of which costs money, thus an entry charge is taken.

Why we do ?

We publish, design, proofread and organize books. We offer packages at affordable prices to give equal chance to every writer.

Let's Work Together!

If you are a writer, compiler or even a community, and wish to work with us.


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